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Meet the Artist

Valerie Orfield has been a resident of the Tri Cities, TN for over thirty years. As a lover of nature and an elementary science teacher, the artist has a true appreciation for the natural world and seeks to bring it indoors for everyone's enjoyment. The artist chooses her unique wood pieces from felled trees on her property in northeast Tennessee to create her one-of-a-kind botanical artwork.

Always on a quest for inspiration, Vines to Vases and company made a trip to the North Carolina Arboretum for the Asheville Orchid Festival! Here is some of what we learned:
There are around 35, 000 naturally occurring orchid species. Orchids grow on every continent except Antarctica!
Hybrid orchids are generally easier to take care of than pure, non-hybrid species.
Orchids have grayish epithelial cells covering their roots, which turn green as water is absorbed.
Keep your eye out for some orchid-based creations coming soon!

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